Thursday, April 2, 2015

Exhibit 320, New Delhi, India

Exhibit - 320
F-320, Lado Sarai, New Delhi

NinKi: History Runs Over Yamuna by Firoz Mahmud

Exhibit 320 is pleased to continue its series of exhibitions that span the region with this presentation of two artists from Jaipur and Dhaka who both protect and destroy historical and popular imagery in their respective practices.
* This is part of Images Attacked - Two Solo Projects Presenting Nandan Ghiya and Firoz Mahmud.
The Blue Screen by Nandan Ghiya and NinKi: History Runs Over Yamuna by Firoz Mahmud

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

NEWS: Recent Exhibition/ Project

  Up Coming news:

`Art Project Ideas`, Hiroshima City Museum of Cotemporary Art/ MOCA Hiroshima
10 Oct~25 Oct, 2009       /

* 4th Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial (Dynamo Art Project), Nigata, Japan

`Machinakaart Project` Ueno Town Art Museum, (group), Tokyo

`personally political - contemporary sensation` , kunsthausTacheles, Berlin

* 2009: `Belive=Be live`, OZU Sapce, Umane, Italy 
`6x609` Rochester Contemporary Art Center, New York
*9th Sharjah Art Biennale 2009, `Provisions for the Future`
`Halcyon Tarp `, Layapa painting, wood, video, FRP, Drawing
Sharjah Art Museum, / UAE (March 16~May16) ## Participating artists:

*11th Cairo Art Biennale
, `The Other`,Egypt (Dec 20,2008~Feb 20, 2009)

*Bangladesh Asian Art Biennale 08 , National Art Gallery, Dhaka, ( 2008)
(`Anomalies` Art Project with Ozawa Tsuyoshi, Hiraki Sawa and Hiroharu Mori)

* SHContemporary, Shanghai Exposition Center, China (Exhibitor:Ota Fine Arts. 11/08)
* `When you Switch off Mobile, .. to talk Eloquently`,OTA Fine Arts, Tokyo(5/ 2008)

* `..cret Auction`, Kandada Art Space COMMAND N, Tokyo , (2008)
Asian Art Prize, Sovereign Art Foundation, Hong Kong & Asia Pacific Tour (2007~2008)
Sustainable Art Project, Kyu-Iwasaki-Tei Museum, Tokyo, Japan
* Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial, Nigata, Japan

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Project STVCV & BV 17082007~27092007

“Flying Pixels from Flying Man Project”/QTV.AD#


Satellite Local Television Channel video & bus video project), Dhaka and Khulna City/On going project, 2006~

This is an ongoing project (2006~) in Dhaka and Khulna city, telecasting video clips on a local, privately owned satellite television channel (KV) in Khulna City. This station mostly broadcasts mind-numbing Bangladeshi & Indian film & film music.

The goal of this video is to break the monotony of the regular TV-watching experience, changing how the typical sluggish & lethargic TV viewer reacts watching a sequence of random and unexpected moving images. Videos are very short in duration, running from 7 seconds to 35 seconds. These videos are abruptly telecasted in breaks in between the film and/or music.

These series of videos suggest the relationship between people’s mechanic and busy life in every moment. These videos (QTVAD) seem like they are advertising something, yet they do not mention any name of product or brand, nor do they reveal information or any contacts.‘BV Project’ is shown inside the crowed intercity bus service. The concept is how passengers in a rush react watching lively & tranquil videos in exhausted time.


Ground f_ (magnetic frame)

This video documented from UEFA football match. The football is always inside the monitor frame. However, whenever the players kick off or play the ball, it will never go outside the boundary of the television frame. Concept of this “monitor-frame as boundary video” has a kind of magnetic power as if the ball will stay stuck inside the TV monitor.

"Father; other/ SOS (Serenity Obligatory System)"/ 2007/ installation

installation with vibration and sound/ 2006~07

Media: wood, vacuum cleaner, oil layapa painting, wood, plastic, bandage, glass, Styrofoam, Japanese Manga magazine, toys

Size: main building- w.2500mm x b.1000 x h.600 mm, other objects variable

This is a model of a Court building. A vacuum cleaner hose runs through the top of the dome. The entire body of the building will lightly shake vacuum cleaner is turned on.
This work reflects the state of misuse of rules and law. The vacuum cleaner is used here as a rhetorical activity to be technical. Green ‘layapa’ oil painting is rendered on the half-body of the building. Medical bandage and Japanese fantasy manga magazine is used on the dome to evoke an exotic and chaotic feeling of the reality of high court society.

"Dis-tinc-tion"/ 2007

Exhibition view "Dis-tinc-tion"/ Plaza Gallery, Tokyo 2007

left: "Final Ministering2", "eGG"/ right: Drawing "Dis-tinc-tion", Video QTV/ AD# 012-3456-789 (Tokyoese Anthropology) for public view from gallery TV screen was set for showing to outside public during the exhibition